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The direct impetus for the establishment of the museum in Hradec Králové originated from a proposal sent to the town planners by an exhibition committee responsible for a successful exhibition of antiques and relics that took place in the summer of 1879. The proposal was approved by the city council on 21st May 1880, with the museum statutes following on 6th August 1880. The council also donated its antique objects and also invited the public to contribute to the museum collections, which were first deposited in two rooms at the Realschule.
Ciborium se dvěma lžičkami, pozlacené stříbro, zelená sametová tkanina s květinovým vzorem, perly, 1450-1500
Valuable town relics (which had until then been kept at the town hall) were also incorporated into the museum. They included ‘Eliška’s’ belt, gothic spoons, a ciborium, torture instruments from the town’s torture chamber, and a collection of valuable musical manuscripts from the former literary brotherhood choirs of Hradec Králové.
Expozice v kapli sv. Václava v domě č. 33 na Velkém náměstí
In 1894 the collections were moved to the former St Wenceslas’ Chapel at Building No.33 in Velké náměstí (The Large Square), and first made accessible to visitors on Sunday 1st February 1885. Greatest credit for arranging the collections goes to the deputy mayor, printer and publisher Ladislav Jan Pospíšil. Another distinctive figure was Ludvík Domečka, who was in charge of the collections in 1895-1937.
Archeologický terénní technik František Žaloudek čistí mamutí kly nalezené ve Svobodných Dvorech, 1899
The museum also launched a professional publishing wing, examining available information about the town, but mainly by conducting archaeological research of the region. In 1896 the Museum was divided into two separate institutions: the Municipal History Museum and the Industrial Museum for the North-Eastern Part of the Kingdom of Bohemia.
Expozice věnovaná památkám na prusko-rakouskou válku 1866 v domě č. 33 na Velkém náměstí
The collections of the Industrial Museum, together with the museum’s reading room, were transferred to the School of Art Metalwork. In 1899 a new display devoted to the relics of the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 was opened at Building No. 33.
Nová muzejní budova zbudovaná v letech 1909–1912 dle návrhu architekta Jana Kotěry
Upon the request of the Museum Board of Trustees, a new museum building was built for the ever-expanding collections in the town centre in 1909-1912 according to Jan Kotěra’s designs. The town of Hradec Králové thus received a unique monument situated on the Elbe riverbank, wholly reflecting the period requirements. Since 1995, it has been proudly bearing the title of National Cultural Monument.
Archeologická expozice ve druhém patře nové budovy muzea
Other museums were established in Hradec Králové in the interwar period, including the Provincial Pedagogical Museum and, notably in 1939, the Natural Science Museum. After World War II, all of the museums merged into a single institution, which in 1959 became the Regional Museum. It changed its organisational status, focus, as well as its name, several times over the subsequent years and from 1974 onwards (after its merger with a similar institution in Pardubice) it became known as the Regional Museum of Eastern Bohemia.
Malakologická sbírka přírodovědeckého muzea
Since 1991 (after the East-Bohemian Museum in Pardubice regained its independence) the Museum has borne its present name. In the 1990s the Museum functioned as a semi-public organisation under the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
Muzeum východních Čech v Hradci Králové
Today, the Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové is the largest regional museum within the Hradec Králové Region. Since 2011 it has served as a semi-public organisation run by the Hradec Králové Region. At present, the Museum possesses archaeological, historical and natural science collections amounting to approximately 3,000,000 exhibits, including items entered into secondary documentation. In 1993 the Museum came into possession of The Battle of 1866 Memorial at Chlum.
Muzeum války 1866 na Chlumu
Budova muzea na Eliščině nábřeží je z důvodu rekonstrukce zcela uzavřena. Více...

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